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The Clark County Democrats believe our county is more than just voters and politics. Clark County is a diverse community of people who believe in supporting our schools, growing our small businesses, and working together to create opportunities for all of our citizens. Whether you're from Camas, Washougal, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt, Amboy or beyond we invite you to see why we believe in you.

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Build the Blue Wave!
The Blue Wave is only about VOTES - Lot’s of them!
the general Election is only 3 weeks away.
Inform and encourage others about their Vote.
We have work to do and just enough Time to do it.

The Coordinated Campaign at Democrats HQ has 2 volunteer job openings - work for your favorite candidates and get paid!
The job names and descriptions are below. For questions, call Colin at 971-330-6574

Deputy Field Organizer - About 20 hours/week
Field Organizer - Full Time

-> -> Call Keshia to Volunteer in Clark County - 208-310-3239 <- <-

See list of Candidates - LINK
See Calendar for candidate events

 Herrera Beutler        and       Carolyn Long

Herrera Beutler and Carolyn Long

Two more articles about Carolyn Long Vs JHB

It seems Carolyn has raised three times as much money as Herrera Beutler - LINK, and the Goldendale debate venue is small and will feature some 19 candidates. See where the R’s are worried about being “out-organized”. LINK

 Sen Maria Cantwell

Sen Maria Cantwell

Sen Maria Cantwell Endorsed by The Columbian

The Columbian says,”Cantwell has been a diligent, hard-working, pragmatic senator who understands her constituents and their needs”. They compare her opponent as follow, “Hutchison, on the other hand, feasts on the divisions that have made Congress so repugnant to many voters.”. They have no difficulty that Cantwell is a real senator working for us. View the debate - LINK. Read the whole article - LINK

Alishia Topper endorsed by The Columbian for County Treasurer

 Alishia Topper

Alishia Topper

“Topper’s management acumen and her experience in the [County Treasurer’s] department” give Topper a significant edge over her opponent. She also has a significant local job record and significant name recognition. She is endorsed by retiring, long-serving, and award-winning County Treasurer Doug Lasher. Read the article - LINK


Kathy Gillespie endorsed by The Columbian

“Gillespie is a more forward-thinking candidate who has a clearer vision for the future of Southwest Washington. She also has the diplomatic skills to bring that vision to fruition”, says The Columbian in their endorsement for Kathy Gillespie over her opponent (Sun 10/14/18, “In Our View”). Kathy is working very hard to become an 18th LD State Representative and is recognized for her efforts and her skills by the endorsement. Read the whole article - LINK


Eric Holt is endorsed for Chair by The Columbian

Eric Holt, running for Clark County Council Chair, got front page coverage in Sunday’s (10/14/18) Columbian. The article discussed his background, and his comments, and shows the personal development and self-motivation that makes him the best person for the job of Chair.

ERIC HOLT Neighborhood Rally

Co-Hosted by Chuck Green and Sue Marshall
Neighborhood gathering with Eric Holt - Candidate for Chair of Clark County Council

Sunday, Oct. 14th
3:00 pm to 5:00pm

At the home of Sue Marshall and Rob Baur
4316 NW 169th Street, Ridgefield

This is a pivotal race for leadership of the Clark County Council.
At stake is the protection of farmland, balanced growth that respects neighborhoods and
natural resources, government transparency and much more.

Join us to learn a little more about Eric before you cast your vote.

or 971-506-4617

Feel free to share this invitation and to bring a friend along.

Harris wins The Columbian Endorsement …Tanisha, that is!

Taniasha Harris, candidate for Seat 1 State Representative in the 17th Legislative District, has earned The Columbian’s endorsement (10/10/18, “Harris for Pos 1 in 17th). The key issues separating Tanisha from opponent Vicki Kraft are Tanisha’s focus on replacing the I-5 Bridge rather than opting for a third crossing, Kraft’s denial of climate change science, and Tanisha’s overall willingness “to break from ideological orthodoxy”. Read the whole article at LINK.

3 Important Candidate Forums

presented by the League of Women Voters

Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 5 p.m.
Clark Regional Wastewater District, 8000 NE 52nd Ct. Vancouver
Meet the candidates running for these positions:
• 17th Legislative District Position No. 1 and Position No. 2
• 18th Legislative District Position 1 and Position No. 2
• Clark County Councilor District #2
• Clark Public Utility District Commissioner District No. 1

Thursday, October 11, 2018 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Battle Ground Community Center, 912 E. Main Street, Battle Ground
This forum is co-sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and will feature one race.
• Clark County Council Chair

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 5 p.m.
Vancouver Community Library, 901 C Street, Vancouver
Come and learn about the candidates running for these positions:
• Clark County Assessor
• Clark County Clerk
• Clark County Treasurer
• Clark County Councilor District #1
• City of Vancouver Council Position 1

 ERIC HOLT - Recommended for Clark County CHAIR by The Columbian

ERIC HOLT - Recommended for Clark County CHAIR by The Columbian

Eric Holt for Clark County Council Chair
and Fundraiser for Eric

ERIC HOLT is running for Clark County Council Chair - and is recommended for the position over opponent Eileen Quiring, by The Columbian.

Eric got the recommendation because he is “thoughtful, articulate [and] well-informed”. She is a Madorite and as such “creates questions about her ability to be a team player and guide the Council”. Read the article from Sun 10/07/18 The Columbian - LINK

The Clark County Council may lack definition to some of us.  It turns out to be a very important and influential body that makes a great many laws and rules about our lives, our environment, our air, our transportation, and our neighbors, to mention a few influences.  These influences are in the form of local services and policies and often include local taxes.  It's important to have the right kind of people on this 5-member board.

Fundraiser. Eric Holt is the right person for this important job. A fundraiser in his behalf is being held
Monday October 08 at
RS Medical
(14001 SE 1st St Vancouver - MAP)
6:00-7:00 PM
the CCDCC October meeting will follow the fundraiser

Attend the FUNDRAISER for
ERIC HOLT for Clark County Council Chair
and give him a monetary boost to help win this very important election!

Here’s a fun thing to be part of…

 RALLY at the Democrats’ Office on Coxley Drive.

RALLY at the Democrats’ Office on Coxley Drive.

AND there’s food…and a Canvass afterward!

On this Kavanaugh Thing…

Why does it have to be him?” Che asked. ”You can’t just pick another dude from your Illuminati lizard meetings? Are Republicans so pro-life that you don’t even have a Plan B for this?” 

Michael Che said this in his role on Saturday Night Live on Sat 09/30/18 as Weekend Update Commentator.  And, of course, his question is valid – why not chose a less controversial figure from what is purported to be a long list of viable candidates? 

The answer is intriguing and exciting.  The Republicans have tacitly conceded that the Democrats will win one or both Chambers of Congress on November 6.  Therefore, there is not time enough before the mid-terms to propose another candidate and run them through the process.   

So, the R’s have bet their reputations on getting their way from the Supreme Court for the years of Kavanaugh’s reign over choosing the short-term possibility of winning in the upcoming mid-terms.  They voted in lock step as a mindless phalanx.  They voted in ignorance of women everywhere.  

Power the Blue Wave in November!

Temple received The Columbian recommendation 10/08/18!

 Temple Lentz

Temple Lentz

Lentx Logo 4.jpg

TEMPLE LENTZ - Running for Clark County Council District 2

Temple is having a fundraiser at the home of Holly & Ken Williams - 2212 C St Vancouver - MAP
Sun October 14, 2018, 4:00-5:30 PM

Please join hosts Holly and Ken Williams and co-hosts National Women's Political Caucus of WA, Senator Annette Cleveland, Washougal Mayor Molly Coston, Nan Henriksen, Pat Jollota, Marjorie Ledell, Rep. Monica Stonier, and Rep. Sharon Wylie for a meet and greet event to support Temple Lentz for Clark County Council! Meet Temple, learn more about her and her positions, and share your vision of a productive, collaborative, forward-looking county council!

 Carolyn Long for 3rd CD Congressional Seat

Carolyn Long for 3rd CD Congressional Seat


Carolyn Long, Democrat running for 3rd Congressional District seat, is racking up important endorsements.

First, The Columbian vaulted over their usual favorite Herrera Beutler and gave a ringing endorsement to Carolyn. They called heran exceptional candidate who has an uncommon understanding of complex issues” and “a forward thinker who can examine an issue from multiple angles and consider a variety of solutions”. Very nice. That was Sunday 09/30/18, LINK.

Next came endorsements from the Human Rights Campaign and WA Governor Jay Inslee. Gov Inslee called her “uniquely qualified”.

And Carolyn received the endorsement of former president Barack Obama, who praised the fact she was running not against something, but for something. Read The Columbian article Tuesday 10/02/18, LINK

Please mark your ballot for Carolyn Long, and all the other great Democrats running.


Kathy Gillespie is fighting to turn the 18th LD BLUE, but she needs your help. Please join her for two fundraising events this week to help her meet her goals, so she can finish strong and WIN in November!

Please RSVP to Kathy's campaign manager, John Anderson, at Read below for details about the event. 

KG Events.png


Bab Melton sign.jpg

Democratic Prosecuting Attorney Tony Golik is sponsoring a fundraiser for Barbara Melton running for County Clerk.

The event is at Latte Da Coffeehouse from 5:30-8:00 PM on FRIDAY 09/21/18! MAP

Long Vs Herrera Beutler debate ... or not?

A debate is scheduled between our Democratic Congressional hopeful, Carolyn Long, and the Trumpist incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler for October 16 at the Vancouver Community Library.  But it looks like that won't fit Herrera Beutler's schedule and it will be cancelled.  There is another debate scheduled for the following day in Goldendale that both candidates are planning to attend.  It's about 2 hours to Goldendale from Vancouver.  A discussion of the debates is in All Politics is Local, 09/05/18, LINK

"Trump Effect in 3rd District" is the editorial title in The Columbian (09/09/18) where they discuss some random facts around Long and Herrera Beutler.  Notably, they quote Herrera Beutler saying she did not vote for Trump, but an analysis of her voting shows she sided with him 91 percent of the time.  Read the whole piece at LINK



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Critical Races with Good Results:

US Senator Maria Cantwell

3rd CD House of Representatives - Carolyn Long will now get national assistance.

Eric Holt - This looks good for the General Election.

Barbara Melton - for Clerk, and leading over the incumbent.

Alishia Topper - Good numbers. Remember, she is Doug Lasher's protege and selection.

Tanisha Harris - Good Numbers.

Damion Jiles - Good numbers

Chris Thobaben - Good numbers

Kathy Gillespie - 53% on Election night!

County Councilor District 1 - Temple Lentz!

The BLUE WAVE is starting.  Increase the momentum by working for your favorite candidate!

Here's a LINK to Primary Voting Results: LINK


The Blue Wave is a torrent of Democratic votes flooding the ballot boxes of this country that sluices Democratic candidates into office - That takes back control of the Federal Congress and Senate, in particular.  But the keyword is 'Votes'.  Your vote and your neighbor's vote and your brother's vote.  The Blue Wave is votes; not complacency or hope or letting the other guy do it.  You must vote and you must talk up candidates and voting for Democratic candidates to create the Blue Wave. 


ERIC HOLT - Eric is running for Clark County Council Chair and has garnered new support from a previous competitor.  Christy Stanley has dropped her campaign and thrown her support to Eric Holt, recognizing the efficacy of his platform.

Eric is running against Quiring; an apparent Madorite and anti-gay, and Boldt; the likable, but reportedly ineffective incumbent.  Strong Democatic support can put Eric in this highly important position.  Columbian Article - LINK.

Similarly two Democrats are running for District One on the County Council; Jim Moeller and Temple Lentz.  Jim is a long time pol with decades of experience.  Temple is a strong Democrat with strong motivation.  Their opponent is incumbent Jeanne Stewart.  It's important to vote this race, too.  The current Council is five Rs.  The opportunity to bring two Democrats onto the Council is at hand.

 Outreach Table manned by Terri Niles, Jay Renaud, Perter &amp; Elaine Brown

Outreach Table manned by Terri Niles, Jay Renaud, Perter & Elaine Brown

1st Annual LULAC Tamale Festival.  The CCDCC Outreach committee struck again with not only a great booth and amiable staffers, but Terri won the Best Tamale Award for her red curry and coconut milk tamales.  Way to go!

Yowzer - What an Event!  CCDCC DEMOCRATIC FORUM

The Democrats threw a Forum and 500+ people came!  The turnout was glorious.  The space was just right!  The candidates talked about the issues!  The Clark County Dems can be very proud of the event - It demonstrated that they know what they are doing.

The Columbian did an excellent job of reporting on the event, and provided each candidate's answer to each question.  The forum format permitted response by each to the others' answers, but yet civility reigned.  No 'winner' was declared, but each candidate presented them self very well.  As CCDCC Chair Rich Rogers said in his introduction, the forum gave voters a side-by-side candidate comparison and the voter could see with whom they align.

Read The Columbian coverage - LINK


 Dorothy Gasque, Carolyn Long, David McDevitt

Dorothy Gasque, Carolyn Long, David McDevitt

 500+ Crowd at Thomas Jefferson Middle School

500+ Crowd at Thomas Jefferson Middle School

 Clark County Treasurer Doug Lasher

Clark County Treasurer Doug Lasher

Doug Lasher Talks about his Retirement
from the Treasury job

Doug Lasher has decided not to run again for County Treasurer, but to retire.  He's been very successful at his job over his 40 years of service, and is respected statewide for his accomplishments.  Below is a letter from Doug describing his actions and his thoughts.  Happy Retirement, Doug

Read Doug's Letter Here - LINK

 CCDCC Meeting Monday May 14, 2018

CCDCC Meeting
Monday May 14, 2018

Tomorrow (MONDAY 05/14/18) is the regular meeting of the Clark County Democrats (CCDCC).  We will be meeting at the Luke Jensen Sports Center (4000 NE 78th St) MAP from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.  It's a good place to meet like-spirited people and find out where you can assist your favorite effort or candidate.

Mon May 14-Fri May 17

Filing week is the period in hwich to ofcciially file withtthe Elections office that you are running for office.  To assure yourself of a place on the ballot in the August Primary, file next week.  PCO's must also file to be voted on in August.  File at the Elections Office or on-line - LINK

Gillespie Official kickoff

Kathy Gillespie is having her 2018 OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN KICKOFF in Ridgefield Saturday May 19, 2018 at 4:00-5:30 PM at the Ridgefield Community Center - MAP (210 N Main Ave).

Special Guest will be Sen Manka Dhingral from the 45th LD in the Seattle area.

Clark County Democrats 2018 County Convention

The County Convention is Sunday, April 22. Doors open at 12PM (Noon) and credentials close at 1:30PM.

The location is Thomas Jefferson Middle School 3000 NW 119th St, Felida, 98685 MAP

Resolutions should be sent to by 5PM on Friday, April 20 in order to be considered. Resolutions will not be considered from the floor.

We'll be passing the platform and any resolutions, and candidates will have the opportunity to speak. If candidates would like to speak, they can reach out to me at


Betty Rogers died April 12

It is with condolences that we report the death of Betty Rogers, mother of CCDCC Chair Rich Rogers, on Thursday April 12.  Rich posted the following on Facebook:

"This afternoon, my mom, Betty Rogers, passed away quietly after a long struggle with several health issues. I want to thank the many staff members at Peace Health Hospital, Clark County Hospice and The Quarry in Vancouver for their care and help the past few months.

My Mom and Dad met in school in 1953, fell in love and were together until Dad died 10 years ago. They raised three kids and had 3 grandkids and 4 great-grandkids.

I talk about my parents as if they are one "person" because I don't think I've ever thought of one without thinking of the other and now at long last, they are together again . . .
which just seems right.

I'll update you as arrangements are made and I want to also thank so many of you for your kind words and messages."


 Mike Heywood

Mike Heywood

Mike Heywood died Saturday March 27, 2018.  Mike will be remembered for his strong leadership roles; first, as Chair of the 49th LD and later, as Chair of the Clark County Democratic Central Committee.  Suitably, he chaired the 2018 49th LD Caucus the morning of his death.  He was 78.  R.I.P. Mike Heywood!

" Services will be held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 2223 NW 99th St., Vancouver, WA at 10a.m., Wed., April 4th, with internment to follow at Park Hill Cemetery. There will be a Celebration of Life Sat., April 28th at the Red Cross Building at the Historic Reserve, 600 Barnes, Vancouver, WA from 4p.m. to 8p.m.
Please sign his guest book at:" From The Columbian, 04/01/18.  Read the entire obituary at - LINK


The National Women's Political Caucus is having a training seminar in Vancouver at the Hilton Hotel April 28, 2018.  Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  Registration $45.  Link for details and to register.

Gillespie Logo.png

Kathy Gillespie, Popular 18th LD State Rep candidate, is endorsed by many organizations, including the Clark County Democrats.  Her campaign has canvasses and phone banks regularly and they appear on our calendar.

 WA Senator Maria Cantwell

WA Senator Maria Cantwell

Sen Maria Cantwell will be at Tommy O's Restaurant 801 Washington St (MAP) to meet constituents from 4:30-6:00 this Friday March 30.  Do drop by.

 Dan Ogden and Jimmy Carter

Dan Ogden and Jimmy Carter

03/24/18 - Dan Ogden was given a joyful sendoff Saturday with thoughtful and insightful remarks from family, coworkers and friends.


IT'S TIME to support your favorite race and candidate.  Campaigns are starting their door knocking activity and you've been thinking about "getting involved", haven't you?!  Spring is coming early this year - we're 8 degrees above normal - so cold, wind, and gully-washers will not be a problem.  The 18th LD's Kathy Gillespie is in phase 2, and the four candidates looking to knock out JHB are going strong.  More candidates will be announcing soon.  If door belling is not your forte, sign up to make phone calls to help find more volunteers and promote your candidate.  Find you candiate/campaign at LINK

 Kathy Gillespie Seeks Olympia State Rep Position

Kathy Gillespie Seeks Olympia State Rep Position

VOTE FOR Battle Ground Schools by Tues 04/24/18

Battle Ground is floating their bond issue vote again.  They want desperately to improve their schools. This a special election in April.  BAllots will be mailed 04/12/18

kathy Gillespie Logo.jpg

Kathy Gillespie, 18th LD candidate for State Rep in 2018, surpassed her goal of raising $50,000 in 2017!  This is a real demonstration of her abilities and her comittements.  Donations can be made at LINK.


 Jack Ohman , Sacramento Bee, Nov 09, 2017

Jack Ohman , Sacramento Bee, Nov 09, 2017

The Columbian Pans The Tax Cut Bill and JHB for supporting it

Our local newspaper, The Columbian, on Wed 11/22/17, said in their editorial that the "House Tax Bill Flawed" and " Assertion of Herrera Beutler, others that it will spur economy an absurd fallacy".  Strong words but true.  The piece goes on to refute the often-tried and consistently-failing trickle-down economy of the GOP over decades.  They even relate tax cut policies with resultant future recessions.  Read the clear, stern piece at LINK

Sen Maria Cantwell Reviews Tax Bill Failings  in Vancouver

Sen Maria Cantwell was in Vancouver Wed 11/21/17 to publicize and demonstrate the failings of the proposed GOP tax bill.  She had speakers from Vancouver talk about what and when the tax bill would cost them money, and more money.  Here's the article from The Columbian - LINK

INSLEE Rejects Tax Cuts Bill, Herrera Beutler Supports

WA Gov Jay Inslee asked the Washington delegation to reject the tax cuts bill outright for its inability to overall assist the WA middle class and for the extra burden on the federal deficit.  Herrera Beutler took the opposite stance.  He's right of course and once again standing up for the State of Washington and the country.  Link InsleeLink JHB

TAX CUTS? - Don't believe it!

The name sounds like a boon for all US citizens doesn't it?  Much like the the Bush era "Blue Skies ", or the "No Child Left Behind", acts that equally misled voters.  The GOP has built a tax bill that will make tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations.  We all know what taxes are used for - national infrastructure & commitments to programs like medicaid, welfare, and the environment, etc.  So the GOP is defending these insults to the middle class by reverting to the old dead horse theory of "Trickle Down".  That is the gross assumption that if the rich and the corporations have more cash flow they will create jobs and raise wages.  Certainly there is room for some of that but not in proportion to the tax cuts.  It didn't happen in the past that way, and it won't now.

The bill also greatly raises the national debt because tax cash flow is reduced.  The proposition of raising the national debt was anathema to Republicans until this Trumped up mess came along but now that's ok? 

The bill will also take away the ability to deduct your state taxes from your federal tax.  And at one point it had removed the mortgage deduction.  They are still grappling with the bill to make it palatable enough to pass.  So far it's a middle class penalty.

Here's a summary from the Chicago Tribune, Sat 11/11/17 - LINK

Donations Gladly Accepted. - We'd like you to donate to the Clark County Democrats.  And to do a regular contribution monthly as a Sustaining Donor.   A monthly contribution allows us to plan that the cash capability will be available this month and every month.

We have to be up front and say the money will go to supporting the year-round office.  We get a great deal of use from the office, meetings, storage, phone banks, gatherings, etc.and it also forms a brick and mortar entity representing a solid home for Democratic values and Democratic supporters.  Any business day, local Democrats can walk into the office and talk with a staff member at the front desk about their problem, concern, or desire to volunteer.  Support your local Democratic Party with a donation.

Lesson of Vietnam, and Trump behavior applied to Paris Climate Accord

Two editorials printed in The Columbian Sun 09/24/17 are linked here.  One is by Greg Jayne, Columbian Editorial manager and writer, and takes the lessons from the Vietnam conflict, that are currently being retold in a Ken Burns special on PBS, and uses that focus to inspect the brouhaha we're into with North Korea today. LINK

The second op/ed piece is by Froma Harrop of who reveals a style in Trumps on-again/off-again edicts.  She carries the visualized style forward to Trump ultimately rejoining the Paris Climate Accord.  LINK