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16021 NE Coxley Drive, Room 101
Vancouver, WA 98662


The Clark County Democrats believe our county is more than just voters and politics. Clark County is a diverse community of people who believe in supporting our schools, growing our small businesses, and working together to create opportunities for all of our citizens. Whether you're from Camas, Washougal, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt, Amboy or beyond we invite you to see why we believe in you.

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NATIONALLY, we have Taken the US House of Representatives, but not the Senate!


US Senator Maria Cantwell - winner at 58.6% statewide & 53.4% in Clark County

3rd CD House of Representatives - Carolyn Long is behind by about 10,000 votes district-wide. Long is ahead by about 5,200 in just Clark County where there are about 45,000 votes left to count.

Eric Holt - For Clark County Council Chair - leading Quiring by about 1200 votes. Ultimately lost.

Barbara Melton - for County Clerk, lost to the incumbent.

Alishia Topper - For County Treasurer - A 69% victory!

Tanisha Harris - For 17th LD State Rep Pos 1 - Trailing by 575 votes. Ultimately conceded.

Damion Jiles - For 17th LD Sattate Rep Poss 2 - Lost to Paul Harris.

Chris Thobaben - For 18th LD State Rep Pos 1 - Lost to Vick

Kathy Gillespie - For 18th LD State Rep Pos 2 - Behind by 1973 votes. Ultimately conceded.

County Councilor District 1 - Temple Lentz at 60.6%.

Vancouver City Council - Lebowsky ahead by 2160 votes over Fox

Jim Malinowski - Winner at 56%

I-1631 (Impose Carbon Tax) - No, State & Local

I 1634 (Ban Grocery tax) - Yes, State & Local,

I-1639 (Gun Restrictions) - Yes, State & Local

I-940 (Police Training) - Yes, State & Local

A Clear Victory

 Sen Maria Cantwell

Sen Maria Cantwell



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 CCDCC Meeting Monday November 12, 2018

CCDCC Meeting
Monday November 12, 2018

MONDAY 11/12/18 is the regular meeting of the Clark County Democrats (CCDCC).  We will be meeting at the Luke Jensen Sports Center (4000 NE 78th St) MAP from 7:00 pm to 8:30pm.  It's a good place to meet like-spirited people and review the elections. The voting for officers of the CCDCC will take place in December.