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The Clark County Democrats believe our county is more than just voters and politics. Clark County is a diverse community of people who believe in supporting our schools, growing our small businesses, and working together to create opportunities for all of our citizens. Whether you're from Camas, Washougal, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt, Amboy or beyond we invite you to see why we believe in you.

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Clark County Election Observer Training - Plan Ahead - June 06, 2018, 6-8:30 pm, Elections Office

Why was there A shutdown?

The R's control House, Senate and White House.

Who cancelled DACA?


      Dec 12-20, 2017

      Dec 12-20, 2017


In case you couldn't attend, there was a full house at the Muslim interpretation at the Vancouver Library Sunday - Here's a link to The Columbian article - LINK


Congratulations to Audrey Mattoon - Newly Elected Chair of the Clark County Young Democrats for 2018!














Watch this Tax debate with Sen Maria Cantwell and Sen Bernie Sanders revealing the dangers of the bill.

CNN - on Comcast it's Channels 44 or 744.  6:00 PM PST Tues 11/28

Sen Maria Cantwell issues statement on the current federal budget - LINK

02/09/18 - Dsn Ogden has died - LINK

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN - [UPDATE] It lasted about 5 hours.  No progress on the Dreamers.  New bill funds budget for two years.

Republican Rand Paul is holding up a Senate budget vote tonight, saying, 'The reason I’m here tonight is to put people on the spot,' Mr. Paul said. 'I want people to feel uncomfortable. I want them to have to answer people at home who said, 'How come you were against President Obama’s deficits and then how come you’re for Republican deficits?’”

He showed no sign of relenting, delivering a floor speech in which he bemoaned out-of-control government spending.

'I think the country’s worth a debate until 3 in the morning, frankly,' he said.

Before Mr. Paul waged his assault on the budget deal, trouble was already brewing in the House, where angry opposition from the Republicans’ most ardent conservative members, coupled with Democratic dissenters dismayed that the deal does nothing for young undocumented immigrants, was creating fresh tension as the clock ticked toward midnight."  [Quoted from The New York Times, Gov't Shutdown Looms as Rand Paul Protests Budget Deal", Thomas Kaplan, Feb 08, 2018]


IT'S TIME to support your favorite race and candidate.  Campaigns are starting their door knocking activity and you've been thinking about "getting involved", haven't you?!  Spring is coming early this year - we're 8 degrees above normal - so cold, wind, and gully-washers will not be a problem.  The 18th LD's Kathy Gillespie is in phase 2, and the four candidates looking to knock out JHB are going strong.  More candidates will be announcing soon.  If door belling is not your forte, sign up to make phone calls to help find more volunteers and promote your candidate.  Find you candiate/campaign at LINK

Kathy Gillespie, running hard for the 18th LD Seat 2 position, is having a Conversation and Fund Raiser Sunday, February 11th in Ridgefield at the Ridgefield Community Center (MAP LINK) from 2:00-3:00 PM.

Kathy Gillespie Seeks Olympia State Rep Position

Kathy Gillespie Seeks Olympia State Rep Position

VOTE FOR Schools by Tues 02/13/18

Several area schools are currently floating bond issues - Battle Ground, Camas, Evergreen, and La Center.  Schools and education are generally good for us.  Evergreen School District has a website to provide facts on why you should vote "Yes" for the Evergreen budget - LINK


>> Next Possible Shutdown - Feb 08 <<

The Federal Government Shutdown ended Monday evening!

The shutdown began Friday Jan 19, 2018 at Midnight and ended the afternoon of Monday Jan 22 when Trump signed a short-term funding bill.  Here's what past State Vice Chair Valerie Brady Rongey said about the deal made to effect the shutdown:

"Democrats stood up and got full CHIP funding for six years.
9 million kids will be able to see their pediatrician.
DACA must be addressed in the next three weeks or it’s shutdown time again.
That’s a win.
Don’t let anyone tell you different.
Congratulations and good job

Democrats went out on a limb to do the right thing and to draw attention to the right thing; DACA, and made their point.  The shutdown was resolved with a bill through both houses of Congress stipulating funding for 17 days until February 8.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer elicited a promise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to negotiate and vote on a bipartisan approach for the Dreamers.

Mitch McConnell said publicly "...I hope and intend that we can reach bipartisan solutions on issues such as ... immigration ... before this February 8th deadline.  For his full statement - LINK


                                                  HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                                  HAVE A SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

kathy Gillespie Logo.jpg

Kathy Gillespie, 18th LD candidate for State Rep in 2018, surpassed her goal of raising $50,000 in 2017!  This is a real demonstration of her abilities and her comittements.  Donations can be made at LINK.



RELEASE on Kathy Gillespie Campaign (12/18/17):

Democrats in SW Washington are staking an early claim to the open seat in the 18th District helping two-time state legislative candidate Kathy Gillespie post an impressive start to her campaign which launched Sept. 8 and has gained momentum every week since, raising over $47,000 and gaining the early support of all Democratic party groups across Clark County. In addition, Gillespie has won endorsements from Laborers Local 335, Bricklayers & Allied Trades Local 1 and the Washington Public Employees Association.

Gillespie, 54 and a resident of Clark County for more than 25 years, is running to put people first in Olympia the same way she put constituents first for eight years as a member of the Vancouver Public Schools board of directors where she worked to empower citizens to better understand and navigate administrative bureaucracy to find solutions to issues directly impacting their lives.

A 2018 win in the 18th will add a fourth Democrat from the region to strengthen the work of Democratic representatives in the 49th district and give voice to thousands of citizens desperate for leadership focused on delivering results -  not drama and divisive rhetoric that stymies effective policy-making and undermines the people’s trust in their elected representatives.

“Voters should expect more than the now commonplace extra sessions and division that has left citizens scratching their heads in disbelief at the work left undone and guarding their wallets. Citizen’s trust in lawmakers is being tested, and in many cases, has been exhausted.” she said. “It’s time to elect someone with experience and a record of fighting for regular people and delivering results by focusing on getting the work done, building relationships and empowering citizens.”

Gillespie is a former newspaper editor and longtime community volunteer and advocate who has gained a reputation as a solutions-oriented leader focused on helping all people experience success in their lives. She has worked hard to improve her community through long hours of service, leadership and advocacy and is proud to call the 18th District her home. Gillespie has the support of past and current democratic leaders including Sen. Annette Cleveland, Rep. Sharon Wylie and Rep. Monica Stonier just to name a few.

Gillespie’s year-end goal is within reach -  500 donations/$50,000 raised.

“The early response has been remarkable. We’ve held eight events since September and each has brought new people to our campaign,” she said. “ This train is rolling and picking up steam.”

Learn more at

Donate at Gillespie-Donate

Her campaign address is:

Committee to Elect Kathy Gillespie
800 NE Tenney Rd., Ste. 110-345
Vancouver, WA 98685

The Gillespie phone bank was very successful.  About 20 folks participated.  Her next event is TONIGHT at Washougal's 54-40 Brewing Company, 3801 S Truman Rd, 5:30-7:00. MAP

Kathy Gillespie has goals.  She is going to raise $50,000 for her 2018 State Representative race by Jan 1, 2018.  She is running for the seat being vacated by Liz Pike in the 18th LD.

Kathy has been endorsed by the County Democrats on 11/13/17, and by the 17th, 18th, and 49th LD Democrats.

She has a phone bank on Dec 09 & 10.  Join the phone bank at -LINK.

Kathy has a brewery fundraiser at 54-40 Brewery in Washougal on Dec 13 - LINK, MAP



WASHINGTON, D.C. — Nov. 21, 2017 — Anchor Jake Tapper and chief political correspondent Dana Bash will moderate a CNN Town Hall Debate on the fight over taxes at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 28.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) will debate Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in a 90-minute Town Hall Debate that will air live from Washington, D.C.

The CNN Town Hall Debate comes as Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are deeply immersed in a philosophical battle over the GOP’s plan to remake the U.S. tax code that may include repealing the Obamacare individual mandate.

The Town Hall Debate will air on CNN, CNN enEspañol, CNN International, stream live for subscribers via CNNgo (at and via CNNgo apps for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Samsung Smart TV and Android TV) and on the CNN mobile apps for iOS and Android. The Town Hall Debate will also air on CNN’s SiriusXMChannel 116. The Town Hall Debate will also be available November 29 on demand via cable/satellite systems, CNNgo platforms and CNN mobile apps.



Jack Ohman , Sacramento Bee, Nov 09, 2017

Jack Ohman , Sacramento Bee, Nov 09, 2017

The Columbian Pans The Tax Cut Bill and JHB for supporting it

Our local newspaper, The Columbian, on Wed 11/22/17, said in their editorial that the "House Tax Bill Flawed" and " Assertion of Herrera Beutler, others that it will spur economy an absurd fallacy".  Strong words but true.  The piece goes on to refute the often-tried and consistently-failing trickle-down economy of the GOP over decades.  They even relate tax cut policies with resultant future recessions.  Read the clear, stern piece at LINK

Sen Maria Cantwell Reviews Tax Bill Failings  in Vancouver

Sen Maria Cantwell was in Vancouver Wed 11/21/17 to publicize and demonstrate the failings of the proposed GOP tax bill.  She had speakers from Vancouver talk about what and when the tax bill would cost them money, and more money.  Here's the article from The Columbian - LINK

INSLEE Rejects Tax Cuts Bill, Herrera Beutler Supports

WA Gov Jay Inslee asked the Washington delegation to reject the tax cuts bill outright for its inability to overall assist the WA middle class and for the extra burden on the federal deficit.  Herrera Beutler took the opposite stance.  He's right of course and once again standing up for the State of Washington and the country.  Link InsleeLink JHB

TAX CUTS? - Don't believe it!

The name sounds like a boon for all US citizens doesn't it?  Much like the the Bush era "Blue Skies ", or the "No Child Left Behind", acts that equally misled voters.  The GOP has built a tax bill that will make tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations.  We all know what taxes are used for - national infrastructure & commitments to programs like medicaid, welfare, and the environment, etc.  So the GOP is defending these insults to the middle class by reverting to the old dead horse theory of "Trickle Down".  That is the gross assumption that if the rich and the corporations have more cash flow they will create jobs and raise wages.  Certainly there is room for some of that but not in proportion to the tax cuts.  It didn't happen in the past that way, and it won't now.

The bill also greatly raises the national debt because tax cash flow is reduced.  The proposition of raising the national debt was anathema to Republicans until this Trumped up mess came along but now that's ok? 

The bill will also take away the ability to deduct your state taxes from your federal tax.  And at one point it had removed the mortgage deduction.  They are still grappling with the bill to make it palatable enough to pass.  So far it's a middle class penalty.

Here's a summary from the Chicago Tribune, Sat 11/11/17 - LINK

>>ELECTION RESULTS - WOW.  Election night numbers say Don got 64% of the votes.  OUTSTANDING!<<

The hard work and clear explanations of the issues really paid off!

DON ORANGE is soundly endorsed by Columbian Editor Emeritus Lou Brancaccio on Sat Nov 04, 2017.  And Lou takes the opportunity to deservedly castigate Don's opponent.  Lou points out that the oil terminal cannot be operated 100% without incidents - that at some point there will be a spill, a release, an event, on land, in the air, on the river or the tracks that will be a disaster.

Lou says,

"Take the very colorful Vancouver port commissioner race. It’s Orange vs. Greene. Well, those are the last names of the guys in this race, but that’s not why this race stands out. It’s a talker because the race really is a referendum on what we want Vancouver to be.

If you want Vancouver to be Vancouver — clean, inviting, the beautiful Columbia River Gorge and the developing waterfront — you vote for Don Orange. If you want Vancouver to be Houston, you vote Kris Greene.

You see, there’s this little thing called the largest oil terminal this side of Uranus that’s being proposed for Vancouver. If built, it would make Houston proud. Ever visit Houston? Don’t. OK, that might be a little harsh, but you can’t take three steps without running into something oil-related. Good for them.

If Orange is elected, he’ll do everything he can to end a goofy contract the Vancouver port commissioners agreed to several years back that allows this colossal monstrosity to be built here. Greene says that if the thing is deemed safe, he pretty much likes the idea.

Greene, you see, is missing the point. I really don’t care if it’s 100 percent safe (that’s impossible, by the way). It’s simply a bad idea for our quality of life.

Sure, I wrote a few years ago that regardless of what our port commissioners do, our environmentally conscious governor — who has the final say on it — will nix the project in its present form. But it never hurts to have backup.

Orange should win."

DON ORANGE was just re-endorsed by The Columbian because more negative facts on Greene and his campaign have come to light.  Read the glorious article - LINK

DON ORANGE got a rousing endorsement from The Columbian Suleak, a release, a fire, s spillthat will be a disasternday 10/116/17, and his opponent got slapped, deservedly.  The opponent's statements about the oil terminal didn't "pass the smell test".  Read the Columbian Editorial

DON ORANGE Opponent Exposed - The Columbian reveals details about Don Orange's opponent in the Port Commissioner race.  Not only is Greene accepting large amounts of money from the oil companies, he's also being told what to write and what to buy.  A real exposé.  LINK to Article

   -4 Election Night Parties-

There are Four (4) Election Night Parties scheduled from 6:30-10:00pm.  They are:

1. Don Orange - IAFF Hall, 2807 Fruit Valley Rd, 7:30-9:00PM

2. Anne McEnerny-Ogle, 7:30-10:00pm - Warehouse '23

3. Alisha Topper & Linda Glover - Tap Union Freehouse, 6:30-8:30pm

4. Ginny Gronwoldt - VPS - Main Event East,7:30-9:00pm


CCDCC Meeting - The November 13 meeting will include a 5:00 PM Values Fare with several community activist organizations.  The CCDCC meeting will commence at 7:30 PM.  Both events will be held at the Water Center at 4600 SE Columbia Way.  More Info - Nov 13

Donations Gladly Accepted. - We'd like you to donate to the Clark County Democrats.  And to do a regular contribution monthly as a Sustaining Donor.   A monthly contribution allows us to plan that the cash capability will be available this month and every month.

We have to be up front and say the money will go to supporting the year-round office.  We get a great deal of use from the office, meetings, storage, phone banks, gatherings, etc.and it also forms a brick and mortar entity representing a solid home for Democratic values and Democratic supporters.  Any business day, local Democrats can walk into the office and talk with a staff member at the front desk about their problem, concern, or desire to volunteer.  Support your local Democratic Party with a donation.

Have Hopes for a real Tax Cut?  Fugedaboutit!

Trump continues to talk about a massive tax cut, and that it's going to help the middle class.  But here's an analysis of what facts have been revealed so far.  It helps corporations - the group that should be paying taxes to support the country.  It will help the 1% - the group that previously payed a lot of taxes and now pays very little.  People in the middle class income bracket will likely pay more.  Not to mention the 1.5 trillion dollar increase in the national debt.  The details are revealed in the accompanying articles - LINK to ARTICLE 1.  LINK to Article 2   

Clark County Dems at the Labor Awards Dinner

Lots of people from the Clark County Democrats were in attendance Friday night at t the 2017 SW WA Labor Roundtable Awards Dinner.  It was a light-hearted affair with plenty of joyful energy in the room.

Roy & Melissa Valo, Rich Rogers, Candy Bonneville

Roy & Melissa Valo, Rich Rogers, Candy Bonneville

Sharon Leg Labor.jpg

Rep Sharon Wylie

Legislator of the Year

And KATIE ARCHER JOLMA won the Labor Solidarity Award

Sen Maria Cantwell slams the latest healthcare bill in Today's (09/25/17) senate hearing.  WATCH VIDEO

Lesson of Vietnam, and Trump behavior applied to Paris Climate Accord

Two editorials printed in The Columbian Sun 09/24/17 are linked here.  One is by Greg Jayne, Columbian Editorial manager and writer, and takes the lessons from the Vietnam conflict, that are currently being retold in a Ken Burns special on PBS, and uses that focus to inspect the brouhaha we're into with North Korea today. LINK

The second op/ed piece is by Froma Harrop of who reveals a style in Trumps on-again/off-again edicts.  She carries the visualized style forward to Trump ultimately rejoining the Paris Climate Accord.  LINK


Columbian Editorial Board - Don Orange and his opponent, Kris Greene, were both interviewed by The Columbian's Editorial Board on Friday September 29, 2017.  As the paper reported, "Greene demurs on oil terminal stance".  A dictionary says demur means to "show reluctance".  Greene is suddenly showing reluctance to endorse the construction of the country's biggest oil transfer station in the heart of downtown Vancouver.  It seems his political side has discovered there might be votes to garner from people undecided about the oil terminal's benefits.  Candidate Don Orange is wholly against the oil terminal as are many local persons and entities. The Ed Board did point out to Greene that Tesoro and Tesoro's Vancouver Energy company have donated $80,000 to Greene's campaign.  Read the article - LINK

More & Worse - On Tuesday October 03, 2017, The Columbian reported that Vancouver Energy gave another $125,000 to Greene on the day of his ed board interview.  Green referred to Vancouver Energy as a "local company that's been spending tens of million [sic] over the last 30-plus years in our community".  If memory serves, Vancouver Energy was created in the last 2-3 years (not 30) by Tesoro and Savage strictly for the purpose of building the oil terminal in Vancouver.  Not much question that the oil company expects Greene to support them, nor is there much doubt Greene supports the oil terminal based on his emails and Facebook posts.  Read the Article - LINK2

Don Orange - 2017 Candidate for Commissioner Port of Vancouver

Don Orange - 2017 Candidate for Commissioner Port of Vancouver

Don Orange - 2017 Vancouver Port Commissioner District 1 Race

Don Orange is running hard to be our next Vancouver Port Commissioner.  He is running to fill the seat Brian Wolfe is vacating.  The biggest issue with the Port is the lease for a proposed Oil Transfer Terminal - the nations biggest and adjacent to the new waterfront project.  This is not the only issue with Don and the Port but it's the biggest.  Don will stop the Oil Terminal by voting against it's lease renewal along with Eric LaBrant and kill the project before EFSEC finishes it's grinding through the details. (Link to Website)



Kathy Gillespie - 2018 Candidate for 18th LD State Rep

Kathy Gillespie - 2018 Candidate for 18th LD State Rep

Kathy Gillespie - 2018 18th LD Representative Race

Kathy Gillespie is running already for the 18th LD State Rep Position 2.  That's the seat being vacated by Liz Pike.  An article today (09/21/17) in The Reflector.  (Link)


CCDCC Recommendations for 2017 Races

The Clark County Democratic Central Committee Candidate Recruitment Committee reviewed many of the candidates running for local races in 2017.  They chose suitable candidates for the postion to recommend to voters.  Those committee choices were put before the general membership for consideration and a vote.  The results are shown at RECOMMENDATIONS LINK