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The Clark County Democrats believe our county is more than just voters and politics. Clark County is a diverse community of people who believe in supporting our schools, growing our small businesses, and working together to create opportunities for all of our citizens. Whether you're from Camas, Washougal, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt, Amboy or beyond we invite you to see why we believe in you.

CCDCC 2019-2020 Officer Candidate

Clark County Democratic Central Committee
2019-2020 Officer Reorganization

Officer Candidate Statements

Giovanna Larrea - Running for Secretary

Hello! My name is Giovanna Larrea and I am running for the position of Secretary of the Clark County Democrats. 

Let me start off by explaining a little about myself.  I moved to Vancouver, WA in 2012 but fell in love with Washington State back in 2000 - 2001 when I lived for a time, in Spokane.  I earned my Master of Public Administration in 2016 and my Bachelor of Science in Political Science in 2013 from Kaplan University, but my true passion is people. People from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds. While working toward my degrees, I contributed time and resources to non-profit organizations (Project Starburst and Concerned Humans Against Poverty) with an emphasis on helping displaced Americans with food, clothing and shelter. Through working with these people, I gained a true sense of community and the impact it can have on those who need a hand up without lectures on morals and the evils of substance abuse. Throughout my time in the non-profit sector, I noticed many out dated policies that stood in the way of progress and that prompted me to seek out individuals whom I believe, represent change in a positive direction.

At Project Starburst I worked to help run and organize our Utility Assistance program T.H.A.W. and our food pantry.  I have experience working with sensitive information not only with the various non-profits I have worked with but in a professional capacity with the state. I believe that my educational and professional background have given me the organizational skills and appreciation for proper documentation and record keeping.

At the beginning of 2018, A personal goal of mine was realized when I received an opportunity to work for the state as a Financial Service Specialist at DSHS. My profession, nonprofit experience and working to promote strong candidates like Monica Stonier and Erik Holt, have given me invaluable insight into the trepidation, hopes and concerns of Clark County citizens.

Over the past year, I have also dedicated my time to supporting my Union brothers and sisters. I currently serve on the E-board for my union, WFSE 313 and as one of our delegates to the Southwest Washington Labor Council.  I also unofficially serve as the Labor Rep to the Young Democrats of Clark County.  I believe that for our party to get candidates elected we need candidates who uphold the values of Unions and Labor. 

Additionally, I have a strong passion for working towards gaining the engagement of those within the millennial generation and below. I believe our party needs to work on expanding our electorate by giving those of my generation and below a platform that they believe in. This is a big part of what motivated me to become a PCO in Precinct 294 for the 2019 - 2020 term. 

Our current administration must focus on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion if we wish to make a positive impact for the future of our beloved country and its citizenry. I believe that I can be a person who helps to usher in the positive changes that need to take place as we face these trying times together.

Thank you for your votes and considerations! This upcoming election will be an exciting time for our party and our nation as a whole! I hope you’ll consider me as an usher for the change that is soon to come. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or add me on Facebook. Facebook messenger is fine as well.


Phone number:  580-458-0058


Angela Wilkinson - Running for CCDCC State Committeewoman

NAME: Angela Wilkinson
OFFICE RUNNING FOR: State Committee Woman

    Greetings! My name is Angela Wilkinson, and I am formally announcing my candidacy for the position of State Committee Woman for the Clark County Democrats. 

    Allow me to introduce myself. I have been married to my best friend and sweetheart, Adam, for twenty-eight years. Together, we have two sons, Davis who is twenty-two and Trevin who is twenty. I was born in Portland, Oregon and moved to Vancouver, Washington when I was five.  I recently graduated from Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV) with degrees in History and Political Science. While at WSUV, I served as the social media representative for the History Club and an ally with the Pride Club.  

   I believe that my experience and expertise make me a good candidate for the position. I have always looked for ways to be involved in our community. My husband and I started a Cub Scout Pack (775) in the Fort Vancouver District at Peter S. Ogden (PSO) in 2002. I served as the Pack Committee Chair for four years. During this time I was also the secretary and president of the PSO PTA. Beginning in 2007, I served as a committee member for Boy Scout Troop 483 for eight years. In 2012, when iTech Preparatory school was founded, I helped form a brand new PTSA and was elected as the first PTSA President. Additionally, I have also taught scrapbooking lessons to a class of pregnant and teen moms at Hudson Bay High School. 

    Currently, I am the outgoing Chair of the 49th Legislative District and an elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) for precinct 257.  For the past two years, I have attended the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) meetings where the State Committee Women and Men elected members of the Executive Board, nominated statewide candidates, passed resolutions, and performed other Party business.  Most recently, I was the Volunteer Coordinator for 3rd Congressional District Candidate Carolyn Long. This position provided me with the opportunity to work with thousands of volunteers throughout the district where I had the chance to listen to the issues and concerns that are most important to them. People are afraid of losing so much under the current administration. To quote Michelle Obama, “You cannot take your freedoms for granted. Just like generations who have come before you, you have to do your part to preserve and protect those need to be preparing yourself to add your voice to our national conversation. You need to prepare yourself to be informed and engaged as a citizen, to serve and to lead, to stand up for our proud American values and to honor them in your daily lives." Listening to people share their story is what prompted me to run for your State Committee Woman. 

   I am committed to promoting the guiding principles and core values of the Democratic Party.  If elected, I will represent the Clark County Democrats at the WSDCC meetings, paying attention to the wishes of the body in the decision-making process. It is critical that we keep the communication channels open and practice the art of listening to one another. Once we are exercising these skills, we can accomplish so much together. My desire is for us to unite and make progress together. The opportunity to serve as your State Committee Woman of the Clark County Democrats is exciting and an honor. I hope I can count on your vote at the upcoming Reorganization Voting Meeting December 20, 2018.

Tyler Davis - Running for CCDCC State Committeeman

Hello everyone,

My name is Tyler Davis, and I am the outgoing Vice-Chair for the 49th Legislative District Democrats. Today, I am formally announcing my candidacy for the position of State Committeeman for the Clark County Democrats Central Committee.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from Washington State University Vancouver and am currently pursuing a Masters in Public Administration and Policy through American University. For the last two years, I have served as the Vice-Chair for the 49th Legislative District. Throughout my tenure as Vice-Chair, I had the privilege of working alongside the 49th LD Executive Board. I am forever grateful for the opportunities provided by serving under our former Chair and I am proud of what we have accomplished.

Over the last year, I worked tirelessly on the Carolyn Long campaign. I traveled throughout the district alongside Carolyn and have learned first hand about the issues facing Clark County and Southwest Washington as a whole.

Prior to working on the campaign, I worked to serve my community in several ways. I volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocated for children in the foster care system. Additionally, I worked with children with developmental delays through Vancouver Parks and Recreation and Evergreen Public Schools. While attending Washington State University Vancouver, I worked to encourage civic engagement among the student body and helped foster participation in our democratic process. My past experience also includes working with community members and community stakeholders to foster collaboration and deliberation around contentious community issues such as homelessness, affordable housing, racial inequality the opioid epidemic and access to higher education.

My experience is fueled by my desire to serve our community. I believe that we must do whatever we can to make our community a better place. Much is threatened under this administration; we cannot stand by and allow continued atrocities to take place. We must build upon the values we share as Democrats and as Americans, uniting to address the issues that plague our community. Democrats can no longer just be the party for the working people, and we must become the party of the working people.

We need party leadership who embody the values we share as Democrats. Leaders who value empathy, compassion, helping others, and above all else, serving their community. I believe in the values we share as Democrats, and I work every day to embody those values.

If elected, I will represent Clark County to the best of my abilities and will continue to engage the body in an open dialogue, including them in the decision-making process. Clark County deserves better representation at the state level, and I will work to ensure Clark County and Southwest Washington is heard.

It is through my values and my dedication to our community that I believe I would make a great candidate for this position.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, and I look forward to earning your support.


Tyler Davis