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AHCA 05/05/17

House passes 'shameful" repeal of Obamacare

Yesterday, May 04,2017, the House of Representatives in DC passed the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare - the Affordable Care Act, with the American Heath Care Act - AHCA or Trumpcare, as it's come to be known.

Three interesting pieces were published soon after disdaining the content and hype around the Act which will clearly be a reduction in service for millions.  The three authors are WA Sen Patty Murray, WA Gov Jay Inslee, and WA Post writer Eugene Robinson.

Patty finds it "appalling".

Jay called it "shameful"

Eugene called Trump "dishonest or clueless".

Patty's email appears below, followed by Jay's press release, and a link to Eugene's remarks: 


Patty Murray logo.png

No, you're not dreaming: House Republicans just voted to pass the American Health Care Act.

They just voted for an even worse version of the same Trumpcare bill that people across the country rejected only weeks ago. A bill that would ensure fewer people and families can be covered, kick tens of millions off health insurance, raise premiums for pre-existing conditions, raise health care costs, and create chaos in the nation's health care system.

I promise you, I'm going to be doing everything in my power to make sure Trumpcare never passes in the Senate. But I need your help.

Add your name to recommit to the fight for quality, affordable health care for all -- and stand against Trumpcare right now.

President Trump and Speaker Ryan are breaking their promises to the American people: They promised they would cover pre-existing conditions, but with this bill, they're not just leaving them out -- they're adding more.

And yet, Republicans gave Paul Ryan a standing ovation on the House floor as he called for support for Trumpcare. A standing ovation for a bill that would rip health care away from people across the country.

This isn't about care, it's about giving President Trump a political win -- but this bill is headed straight to a dead-end in the Senate, because women and families nationwide are going to fight back harder than ever against this disastrous bill.

I'll be fighting harder than ever, too -- you have my word.

Add your name and join me to commit to the fight against Trumpcare right now.

Thanks -- more soon,

Patty Murray
U.S. Senator


Governor Inslee said: 

“Today is a shameful day in American history. Republicans in Congress have voted to strip health care coverage from over 700,000 Washingtonians, and to remove the guarantee that all Americans cannot be denied coverage or charged more because they have a pre-existing condition. Their actions today threaten the health and financial security of millions of American families and undermine our health insurance markets, resulting in likely premium spikes. We have made great progress in Washington state's health care system through bipartisan work and support, yet Congress is now threatening to throw it all away in favor of poorly-conceived partisan legislation.

“I am proud that eight members of Washington's House delegation - two Republicans and all six Democrats - voted against this bill for the harm it would cause our state. I urge the United States Senate to reject the legislation passed today in the House, and I urge Washingtonians to continue making their voices heard as Congress considers taking our country in the wrong direction.”

Earlier this week, Gov. Jay Inslee wrote to all members of the Washington Congressional Delegation urging them to oppose the American Health Care Act, or "Trumpcare" - Republican legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA has helped Washington reduce its uninsured rate from 14 percent to under 6 percent. The rate of annual premium increases has fallen from 18 percent to 6 percent, and the ACA leveled the per-capita costs of serving Medicaid clients. The ACA has supported 51,000 new jobs in Washington and cut hospitals’ uncompensated care costs nearly in half."

Eugene Robinson

         Eugene Robinson

         Eugene Robinson