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County Councilors Consider Right to Work Resolution


Clark County Councilor David Madore takes a beating during public comment from pro-union constituents.

Clark County Councilor David Madore takes a beating during public comment from pro-union constituents.

Clark County Councilor David Madore is floating two resolutions aimed at public unions; one that would make union negotiations public (resolution text), and one that would attempt to make union membership for county employees non-compulsory (resolution text). It is unclear whether either of these resolutions would be legally enforceable given state law on the matter, which has led many, much like the "In God We Trust" debate, to accuse Madore of attempting to score political points with his base on the taxpayer's dime. Several local groups showed in force at Tuesday's (3/17/15) County Council meeting to show support for unions and public employees including the Southwestern Washington Labor Council, Amalgamated Transit Union, and the Clark County Democrats (read more here).

Interestingly, David Madore said "I am a strong supporter of unions" at one point during public comment - provoking the audience to laugh. Madore's argument in favor of the resolution was not that it was "anti-union", but "pro-choice". That is, giving county employees the "choice" of whether or not they would like to join the union and pay dues, citing the fact that unions spend money on political causes that individual employees may not agree with. As one public commenter pointed out, though, employees may already opt to have their dues earmarked for charities rather than political advocacy.

What Madore seems to ignore completely, is that we're all forced to pay taxes that the government spends on all kinds of things that we may personally disagree with, but we also each reap the benefits of those taxes in the form of infrastructure, emergency services, public education,  national defense, etc.. This relates to unions in the sense that all workers at a company (or agency) benefit from the results of collective bargaining; raises, leave, overtime, workplace safety, and other employee protections. The real kicker to all of this, though, is that these resolutions may not even be enforceable, meaning that the County Council is once again wasting time in lieu of business that actually needs taken care of.