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The Clark County Democrats believe our county is more than just voters and politics. Clark County is a diverse community of people who believe in supporting our schools, growing our small businesses, and working together to create opportunities for all of our citizens. Whether you're from Camas, Washougal, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt, Amboy or beyond we invite you to see why we believe in you.

Outreach Committee

VALUES FARE - A Big Success!

The Clark County Democrats Outreach Committee hosted a Values Fare on November 13 for about 150 Democrats at the Water Resources Center.  The Values Fare honored people and groups in our community doing good work, but also took the time to listen to their voices, hear their stories and understand their issues.

A diverse variety of organizations and groups who share Democratic values staffed individual info tables and exchanged information with Fare attendees. 

Organizations which attended included the ACLU Washington State, LULAC, The YWCA and CASA, Sierra Club, League of Minority Voters, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, Whole Washington, De-escalate Washington, Washington Conservation Voters, NAACP - Vancouver Branch, Moms Demand Action and the Automatic Voter Registration Coalition,

Here are some of the Values Fare highlights.

Tom Lineham braved the cold winds to help arrivals find this unfamiliar venue down in the woods along the Columbia.

Two happy candidates, Don Orange the victorious Port Commissioner and Kathy Gillespie, the high-powered challenger to Liz Pike, inspired the crowd by attending.

Wiley McCallum supervised re-aligning the tables as we concluded the event.

Roy and Melissa Valo were warmly greeted by the attendees grateful for the power couple’s management of the huge “environmental” win for Port Commissioner.

Jeff Angelo encounters the four chairpersons served as greeting committee – Terah Pitchford, 17th LD, Ian Coker, 18th LD, Angela Wilkinson, 49th LD and Rich Rogers, Central Committee.

Mary Renaud explained to a representative of the Sierra Club how the Values Fare was a way for Democrats to listen to the concerns and goals of organizations who share our party’s values.

Friends of the Columbia Gorge talked to Democrats about how they are planning to stop a proposed plan to clear cut some of the areas in and near the recent Columbia Gorge fires.

Monica Stonier, 49th District rep, visited the event with her Olympia legislative colleague Noel Frame from the 36th.

Most of the food items were handcrafted by Katie Archer Jolma, Liz Campbell, Terri Niles, John Mudge, Xavier Reynolds, Pam Bailey, Terry Juan and Tonya Miller.  



Promise King of the Oregon League of Minority Voters spoke on, "What minority voters expect from the political parties"  

Promise King of the Oregon League of Minority Voters spoke on, "What minority voters expect from the political parties"


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CCDCC Outreach Team and Kitchen Crew

CCDCC Outreach Team and Kitchen Crew

95% gray.jpg
Outreach Team Co-Chair Terri Niles and Travis Nelson, Member Democratic Party of Oregon

Outreach Team Co-Chair Terri Niles and Travis Nelson, Member Democratic Party of Oregon

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De Stewart and Tanisha Harris of the YWCA and CASA

De Stewart and Tanisha Harris of the YWCA and CASA


Many citizens of Clark County share our Democratic Party values but do not vote. Distracted by just surviving in a world of inequality, their priorities often don’t allow for studying the issues and getting to the polls.

But many of our neighbors do have ties with social groups and organizations whose values agree with Democrats. Call these groups “values partners.” These groups have influence with potential voters. The Democratic Party must open itself to learning from such values partners so we can evolve as a party.  The sharing of values makes Democrats visible and valuable to those who may share our views but are not now marching in our ranks.

We are identifying organizations as potential values partners and where active Democrats have ties, both formal or informal. We’ll explore with such individuals how they can serve as a “liaison” person between the Clark County Democratic Central Committee and the values partner organization. These liaison persons become two-way listening posts, bringing information from their organization to the Democratic party and vice versa. In this way, the grass roots of the value partners continually transmit their ideas and their worries back to the Democratic Party.

Using all these exchanges, and in cooperation with the Clark County Democratic Central Committee executive board, the Outreach Committee will turn the Democratic Party message into educational materials using all available media.  In turn, the values partners organizations can serve as a channel for delivery of these materials to their constituents and contacts. By this education, we can achieve our goal to identify, register and bring to the polls potential voters we have so far not been reaching.

At all times we will take care about the cultural issues, political sensitivities and possible tax-exempt status of each of the value partners.  

To know more about this effort, contact co-chairs Jay Renaud or Terri Niles.

Jay - 360-260-1694 or
Terri - 541-221-1297 or