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The Clark County Democrats believe our county is more than just voters and politics. Clark County is a diverse community of people who believe in supporting our schools, growing our small businesses, and working together to create opportunities for all of our citizens. Whether you're from Camas, Washougal, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt, Amboy or beyond we invite you to see why we believe in you.

Re-org Candidates

Clark County Democrat & LD Re-org Candidates

The Clark County Democrats (CCDCC), as well as the 17th, 18th, and 49th Legislative Districts (LDs) and the Clark County Democratic Women "re-organize", or elect a new board, on even-numbered years. Below, you'll find the names of everyone running for an elected position in the Clark County Democrats, Clark County Women Democrats, or in one of the Legislative Districts at their respective meetings. If you wish to run for a County or LD position and be on the list below, use the form at the bottom of this page to make a candidate statement!

Clark County Democrat Re-org took place on 12/12/16 at 7:00 pm

Chair: Richard Rogers

Vice-Chair: Tanisha Harris                 

   Tanisha resigned in March 2017 to run for City Council.  Jodi Frisina was elected April 19, 2016 as Vice-Chair.

Treasurer: Jackie Kuran

Secretary: Ginger May

State Committeewoman: Mandalynn Harbert

State Committeeman: Justin Oberg



Clark County Democratic Women (Event Details)


Katie Archer: "My name is Katie Archer, and I am announcing my candidacy for Chair of the Clark County Democratic Women. The CCDW is an important voice for Democratic women (and men!) in our local community and its many issues advocating for equality and civil rights. 

Born and raised in Clark County, I am a third-generation Vancouverite with deep ties to our community. I am the owner of Archer Public Affairs, a political consulting firm specializing in policy analysis, public relations, strategic public planning, and campaign management. Most recently, I was the Campaign Manager for Bring Vancouver Home, which supported the City of Vancouver’s Proposition 1, and won with over 57% of the vote! 

My career in public service began in 2004 as a policy analyst intern for the Clark County Commissioners’ Office and the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. I graduated in 2005 with my bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs Administration and Management from WSUV. 

In 2011, I graduated in the top 20% of my class with my Juris Doctorate from Willamette University College of Law. I was elected President of the Student Bar Association (SBA) representing the student body before the faculty, administration, university, and outside legal and civic community. I was responsible for all SBA business and conducted all official meetings under Robert’s Rules of Order. For two years I represented indigent women suffering from severe mental, sexual, and physical abuse working in the Clinical Law Program. I went on to work for the Oregon Department of Justice as a Certified Law Clerk representing the State at trial in parental termination suits freeing abused and neglected children up for adoption. 

In 2014, I passed the Washington State Bar. However, with my mother’s passing in 2012 and my father’s passing in 2014 after care-giving for both, I decided to make a permanent career change. The loss of my parents deeply inspired me to make a difference in my community at a higher level - electing people who had our community’s best interests at heart, working on issues that did the most good, and being a positive role model to younger women. Being elected Chair of CCDW is another way I hope to serve my community and to further those ideals. 

In 2016, I was nominated for both the Labor Service Award by Labor Roundtable of Southwest Washington due to my dedication to union causes and by WSUV for the Distinguished Woman of the Year Award for my mentorship of young women.

I believe in representative leadership where the body decides, and elected leadership then acts, implements, and motivates. I believe in fairness, inclusivity, professionalism, transparency, truthfulness, accountability, and rules of procedure. These values are who I am, they are the essence of my legal and professional training, and these are the standards I took an oath to protect when I was sworn in as an officer of the court. 

I would be honored to serve as Chair of the Clark County Democratic Women and respectfully ask for your vote."

Dorothy Gasque: "My name is Dorothy Gasque and I am announcing my candidacy for President of the Clark County Democratic Women. I am a veteran of the U.S Army, having served eight years with one deployment to Iraq. After leaving the military, I earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Portland State.

I deployed to Iraq in 2005 as the only woman with an otherwise all male combat unit. The isolation I experienced made me realize how important it is to have the support of other women. I want to see this organization become one that not only develops future leaders, but supports them throughout their careers.

For a year and a half, I have been working tirelessly to build the local progressive movement, and encourage others to join the party. I am a forward thinking, compassionate, natural leader. My strengths are in organizational management, strategic planning, and problem solving. As president, I would strive to build the CCDW into a strong grassroots organization that drives change inside and outside the party.

I am encouraged by all the strong outspoken women I meet, and amazing feminist men who aren't afraid to admit it. Women hold less than a quarter of elected positions, and around 15% of executive and board positions in the private sector. We have a long way to go before we have equal representation in the government and the boardroom. Through grassroots engagement we can make big changes here in Clark County.

Join us this Saturday, and vote for me for President of the Clark County Democratic Women.
The meeting will be held this Saturday December 17th from 11:30am to 1:00pm at the union hall: 2212 NE Andresen Rd
Vancouver, Washington 98661."


Melissa Valo: "My name is Melissa Valo, and I am announcing my candidacy for Vice President of the Clark County Democratic Women. I am a current member in good standing with the CCDW and also have been involved with the local Democrats for the last 3 years. I am a self employed small business owner in Clark County who specializes in graphic art, logo/website design and media management for Democratic candidates, non profits, and small businesses, most of which are local to Clark County. 

According to the standing bylaws the role of Vice President is to assist the President with her duties and to preside at the meetings in her absence, which I am happy to do. I also have some ideas for furthering the CCDW goals of promoting the growth, welfare and success of the Democratic Party, with an emphasis on women's issues. The first step will be to get a CCDW page up on the CCDCC website which we can use to inform people about our organization, post about upcoming events, report on our successes, and gather new members. I also would like to continue the work on the CCDW Facebook page, adding more content with a focus on engaging our local community. I would like to see the organization more mobile, with action days in our community and in Olympia. We also need some fresh fundraising ideas and goals. In order to make a real difference we need to engage people through our messaging and give them opportunities to volunteer to help further our causes. I bring media management and graphics skills to the table in hopes I can help this organization excel. 

After looking through the bylaws I see some issues that need to be addressed. There are details that need to be added in several places and I look forward to working with the members to get the bylaws updated (a process that was started but never completed). I would also like to see an ethics policy adopted (much like the CCDCC policy but edited for our purposes). I think it is very important to have some internal checks and balances within an organization to ensure ethical behavior of its members and board.

All of the above would be done with the members input and help. The Vice President's job is to support the President of the organization, but in my opinion it is also their job to communicate with and support the members. In order for this organization to be powerful within our community we need each and every member to participate and feel included. We need to build trust with our members and vice versa so when we are working together for the good of women everywhere, we present a united front.

I am excited for the opportunity to take on the role of Vice President. I ask for your support in the upcoming reorganization."

Amy Golden: "Greetings fellow Democrats!  My name is Amy Golden, and I am announcing my candidacy for Vice President of the Clark County Democratic Women. I am a graduate from the University of Oregon. I completed the pre-med program and obtained a Bachelors of Science with a major in Biology, minor in Chemistry.

In 2010, I began working for the National Marine Fisheries Service out of Alaska. I spent 3 years of my life collecting non-biased commercial fisheries management data in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. During this time, I lived and worked on a variety of commercial fishing vessels. As you can imagine, this industry is male dominated. While in Alaska I was isolated and I rarely encountered another woman.  When I did, I was always grateful of her presence.  My experience at sea-has provided me with a unique perspective of what it’s like to be successful as a “woman in a mans world”. I made a shift from life at sea to life on land in 2012. 

Currently, I am a Chemist for a branch of the second largest inks, pigments and coating company in the United States. In this occupation my top responsibilities include project management, providing technical services and communicating results to a variety of departments. This industry is also male dominated, yet I continue to be acknowledged for my ability to succeeded.

According to the Institute for Women's Policy Research, in 2015 a women earned 80 cents to every dollar that a man earned. Although, our wage gap is decreasing, at our current rate we will not make the full dollar until 2059. The wage gap is even worse if you isolate Black and Hispanic women.  At our current rate Black women will not get the full dollar until 2124 and hispanic women will not get the full dollar until 2248.  This means that  Hispanic women will have to wait 232 years and black women will have to wait 108 years. This is unacceptable. How can we make a difference?   To start- we need strong, inspirational progressive women in leadership positions.

The most important goal of a political party is build a political platform that represents the morals and ethics of the people within the party and to win elections. In 2018, we cannot just win by a small margin, we must win by a landslide.  In order to achieve this, we need to regain the trust of our Independent voters, our progressive voters and Democrats who have become weary of where this party is headed. We can achieve this by electing and selecting truly progressive leaders at every level within the party.

I am running for Vice President of Clark County Democratic Women because I believe that though grassroots outreach programs we can educate and inspire people to become involved in a party that represents the ethics and morals that we, as Democrats, share.

Thank you,

Amy Golden


Jennifer Griffin: "My name is Jennifer Griffin, and I am announcing my candidacy for Secretary of the Clark County Democratic Women. I'd like to introduce myself and tell you my qualifications for this role.

I spent most of my childhood years in Newberg, Oregon. My dad served on City Council, my family is politically active and very conservative. I was not permitted to attend sex ed in school and as a result snuck away to Planned Parenthood to ask questions in a safe place. I am Democrat because I will not be a part of a party that works against my gender and is intent on defunding a resource that is so valuable to my life and our society.

I earned my BA in Clinical Psychology from George Fox University with the intent of becoming an art therapist. During my senior year, I interned at a nonprofit organization that provides residential services, counseling and supervised visitation for children. After watching the inner workings, I realized that I wanted to go back to school to help organizations become more efficient with their time and money.
I graduated with a Masters of Business with an emphasis in Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. American Express recruited me and I have promoted twice since being hired in 2012. I work as a Global Operations Manager. My team of leaders and frontline agents is 100% virtual, and I work with people in Australia, UK, India and across the US. I have to get creative to build relationships as we rarely meet in person.

My experience has taught me to value collaboration between different cultures and backgrounds. Working for a bank has taught me the rigor of professional, non-emotional, accurate documentation- a skill that is essential to the Secretary role.

I moved to Clark County in 2012. The failure of the Columbia River Crossing in 2013 was a catalyst for me to wake up to local politics. I became enthralled with our County Council drama. I wanted to get involved but became frustrated with the lack of information about where to start. As a result, I started documenting my journey with Facebook videos. I went to candidate events and reported about my experience to my family and friends. At the caucus, I helped chair my precinct in the absence of a PCO. After multiple people had thanked me for my leadership, I applied and won the PCO position for 106. I stopped filming FB videos and started volunteering. I love the rush from helping people engage with our party, and I continue to appreciate my time engaging with the individuals who comprise the Clark County Democrats!

In closing, my experiences have prepared me for the requirements of the Secretary role. I am especially excited about joining the CCDW because women’s issues are at the core of my identity as a Democrat. If elected, I will work hard to fairly and accurately represent the long legacy of our party while balancing the voices of our new and our more tenured members.
Thank you for your consideration."


Michelle Wallace: "My name is Michelle Wallace and I am announcing my candidacy to serve as your treasurer for the Clark County Democratic Women. I am a veteran of the United States Army Signal Corps, and studied computer science and business administration in college. My profession requires me to balance books, charge the accounts of hundreds of clients, and pay dozens of employees accurately and expediently.

I've lived in Clark County for a little over three years now. My involvement in politics, beyond marking a ballot every so often, is also fairly recent. A certain Senator from Vermont named Bernie Sanders inspired me to become the change I wish to see in this world.
I hit the ground running; having been a delegate to our State Democratic Convention. I became an elected precinct committee officer, and encouraged many others to do likewise. I got about 100 PCOs, new and old alike, to meet each other this summer for the very first time to great success. I footed most of the expenses for this not for profit, donations only social, and came out about $20 in the black.
For this organization to not only survive, but thrive; it needs to not only serve its own members, but our community as a whole. This organization has done so much over the years to empower women and support local Democratic candidates, but there is always more which needs to be done.

It's wonderful to see many women active in our local political organizations. However, there are still fewer than 20% female members of congress, and fewer than 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. The presidential race has shown just how pervasive misogyny is in our society. It, and other recent news stories, has shown time and again how little consequence befalls its perpetrators.
It wasn't until 1910 that we won suffrage in Washington State. That was not without the work of many women giving up their comfort, safety, and in some cases even their lives. We must continue to move forward, not regress backward!
We need to mentor and empower more young women, including women of color, those with disabilities, and those within the LGBTQ+ spectrum to be leaders and foster a culture within our society which respects all women regardless of their individual pursuits. It's essential that a woman's health care remains solely within the domain of her medical provider, and not of her employer or of any elected official or judge.

I've worked tirelessly, mostly behind the scenes, to get more people informed, involved, and organized. I believe my professional experience, integrity, and personal ambition will be assets to an organization seeking to reestablish itself and become a viable resource to the women and men alike in Clark County.

To make this a reality in our community and beyond will require finding creative ways to raise funds beyond our annual dues, and to use those resources both efficiently and responsibly. It would be my honor to serve as your treasurer.


Tarah Pitchford: "Hello Democrats! I would like to announce my candidacy for Treasurer of the Clark County Democratic Women. I am beyond excited to see the CCDW coming back to life! 

I hope that I’ve had the chance to chat with each of you by now, but for those who would like to know more about me, I am glad to share.  I’ve lived in Clark County for 15 years, nearly always a resident of the 17th LD. I graduated from Evergreen High School, and have since earned a BS Degree in Business Management with focuses in Management and Accounting.  My career is in the Solar Energy – where currently only 18% of employees are women. 

I’ve been involved in politics for a while now, and more recently I’ve had the opportunity to work on several local campaigns including managing the campaign for my friend (and new State Committeeman for the 17th LD!) Rob Frisina. 

I’ve volunteered for causes and organizations including the Clark County Food Bank, FISH of Orchards, A Village United, My Life Directive Foundation, the We The People Program, and with local area school teachers. 

I have some great ideas for the Clark County Democratic Women! One of my goals is opening the door to community involvement for young families who face childcare and transportation obstacles. My strong business-sense is constantly looking for creative ways to spend and save money, a skill that the CCDW need in their Treasurer in ensure that funds are managed in the most efficient way possible. 

The greatest joy in my life comes from connecting people. I enjoy communicating, simplifying complex situations, and bringing people together. This past week has seen several exciting changes within the local party. It  moves me to have witnessed so many acts of courteousness, kindness, and encouragement amongst ourselves as of late. 

I am excited to see what this group of people can accomplish in the next two, four, ten years when we come together as a unified group and continue to focus on bettering our community. Feel free to message me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday and appreciate your vote!"


17th Legislative District Re-org took place 12/14/16 at 6:00 pm

Chair: Hatti Stigum

Vice-Chair: Shaun Tanner

Treasurer: Megan Jones

Secretary: Kayla Farrell

State Committeewoman: Jodi Frisina

State Committeeman: Rob Frisina


18th Legislative District re-org took place 12/13/16 at 6:00 pm

Chair: Ian Coker

Vice-Chair: Candy Bonneville

Treasurer: Stephanie Werth

Secretary: Paulina Oberg

State Committeewoman: Elizabeth Campbell

State Committeeman: Wiley McCallum


49th Legislative District Re-org took place Dec. 10, 10:00 am

Chair: Angela Wilkinson

Vice-Chair: Tyler Davis

Secretary: Miranda Bickford

Treasurer: Carol Turgeon

State Committeewoman: Caressa Milgrove

State Committeeman: Mike Pond



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