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NEWS from WA State Democrats - ACA & Travel Ban

Giovanna Larrea

Fellow Democrats –

Since the release of the TrumpCare proposal, we’re learning more and more about its potential impact on the people of Washington. And it shouldn’t be a surprise that none of the news is good.

Direct ACA Impact On Washington

Gov. Jay Inslee and Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler are running the numbers on TrumpCare here in Washington, and the news is bad.

While Washington’s uninsured rate has dropped since the passage of the Affordable Care Act – from 14% to 5.8% - the passage of TrumpCare would increase our uninsured rate all the way up to 15%. That’s even worse than before the Affordable Care Act!

600,000 Washingtonians would lose health care, our state budget would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding forcing cuts to education, 24,000 veterans and their spouses would lose Medicaid coverage, and more.

1 In 4 WA is an online resource with a great deal of good county-by-county information on how the Affordable Care Act has helped Washingtonians, and why we can’t roll back these critical protections by passing TrumpCare. Check it out and share the information with your friends, family, and fellow Democrats!

Muslim Travel Ban Blocked Again!

Those of us fighting for human and civil rights landed yet another victory in court today against Trump’s illegal Muslim ban! After our Attorney General Bob Ferguson defeated Trump’s Muslim ban in court, the administration made minor changes to the order and issued it again in an attempt to avoid the restraining order we won – with the new order set to take effect at midnight tonight.

But hours before the ban was set to take effect, a judge in Hawaii issued a temporary restraining order preventing the updated order from taking effect. Washington, Hawaii, Maryland, and the rest of the coalition of states suing Trump have won yet again.

This is yet another major blow against the Trump administration and a huge victory for our Constitution. The United States of America does not discriminate based on religion. Period. The Democratic Party and our elected leaders will continue fighting Trump and making that case as long as we need to.

Share Your Story!

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange is collecting stories of people who have benefited from the Affordable Care Act – people who have gotten insurance, or seen their costs decrease, or who have been able to take advantage of new benefits and coverage for procedures or drugs that they need.

They’re collecting these stories to help make the case that the Affordable Care Act is saving lives, and TrumpCare would take us in the wrong direction.

You can share your story at this link – and don’t worry, they won’t share any information without your specific permission.

These real stories are key to us showing the impact that health care makes on real people’s lives. With your help, we can make our case and win this debate!

Thanks for reading – you can reach us at with your thoughts and feedback. If you value and appreciate this communication, let us know!  

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Let’s keep a spotlight on the legislature this year and we’ll stay in touch with you about how we can work together to fight back, beat the Republicans, and deliver wins for the people of Washington!

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