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Maria Cantwell supports net neutrality

Giovanna Larrea

Millions of Americans depend on a free, open internet -- where service providers can't block content or prioritize content in exchange for money at the expense of everyday internet users.

But last week, Trump's Federal Communications Commission voted to roll back these key net neutrality regulations, in what could be a devastating blow to our economy and everyone who depends on internet access.

Rolling back these key consumer protections will put wealthy corporations before everyday internet users. Wealthy corporations would benefit from special access "fast lanes" while everyday users and small business owners would be penalized in "slow lanes."

Millions rely on a free and open internet. It's up to us to protect it.

Don't let Republicans turn back the clock on the open internet. Sign on today.

We depend on access to the internet for all facets of life -- from social media and entertainment to education and business. If Trump's assault on an open and free internet stands, internet service providers would be able to push content produced by whomever pays them the most, and bury the content of those who can't pay up.

The internet economy generates more than $20 billion in annual revenue, and almost 3 million American jobs rely on it. I've stood with members of the Puget Sound tech economy and fought to defend net neutrality and equal access for all internet users since 2011. Thousands have already voiced opposition to Chairman Ajit Pai's FCC undoing all of the strong net neutrality rules implemented under President Obama in 2015.

But I need your continued support to make protecting net neutrality federal law.

Add your name to save the internet, protect millions of jobs and ensure open access for all!

Thank you,

Maria Cantwell
U.S. Senator