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The Clark County Democrats believe our county is more than just voters and politics. Clark County is a diverse community of people who believe in supporting our schools, growing our small businesses, and working together to create opportunities for all of our citizens. Whether you're from Camas, Washougal, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt, Amboy or beyond we invite you to see why we believe in you.


The Forming of The Blue Wave

Giovanna Larrea

Leonard Pitts, op/ed writer for the Miami Herald, says he has long been able to keep a foot in both the liberal and conservative camps and respect the solid, moral issues in each camp.  He felt he escaped having to label himself either left or right, in that regard.

Lately, however, that feat is no longer possible.  He castigates the embraced actions of the "conservative", which include racism and lying, and other things.

His conclusion is that it is necessary to take a label, and be and act as a  "liberal".  This is the stuff that can, if widespread enough, produce The Blue Wave. 

Democrats too often are too critical of their own, too inclined to wring their hands, and too inclined to expect something without acting to produce it.  The Blue Wave will only happen if everyone acts to produce a Blue Wave.  Read Leonard's Article - LINK